Why Mazen Is Good For Small Businesses

Search engines are as old as the websites. But, SEO has always been a mystery for small business owners. For them, reaching on top on Google searches, is not only difficult, it’s quite challenging. In the early 2000s SEO agencies and professionals exploited this mystery around SEO and made astronomical sums of money offering SEO services for small and mid-sized businesses. One of the best ways to lead an SEO strategy for small business, is to use a dedicated tool. But it’s difficult to choose the best one among the huge list of existing SEO software

Unfold the mystery around SEO

Fortunately, SEO is no more a mystery now and most of the businesses and entrepreneurs are familiar with SEO and the procedures associated with it. However everybody doesn’t have the time, expertise and inclination to perform it on his own. If you are a small business with a limited budget, there is no need to worry about SEO. Smart SEO tools such as Mazen will help you perform your SEO tasks in a hassle free manner, thanks to the support we offer to our users.

Ideal for naïve users and beginners

Mazen is an advanced small business SEO software tool that is made simpler by its developers. It’s pretty easy to use as there is a single screen interface that it uses. So, even a naïve business owner can use it and save money. It saves you time you spend switching between different CMSs. Normally most of the SEO tools available in the market require you to download tons of unnecessary data. The one screen interface of Mazen allows you to work without downloading such data sheets, which makes it easier for you to get the desired results – quickly and swiftly.

Do what’s important

We have eliminated unnecessary features and options, so you can work with it efficiently and smoothly. That means you don’t have to deal with clutter and unnecessary industry jargon. Mazen offers you what’s important to rank high and attract traffic and leaves everything aside.

It gives you ample time to perform other business functions such as marketing, PR, client-servicing and management. In order to attain top ranks on Google, you must be aware of the strategies used by your comparators.

Competitor analysis

Mazen allows you to spy on your competitors’ activities. The Keyword Assistant used by the software offers ample intelligence about the keywords used by your competitors. The best part is that it takes just a few clicks.

Organize your keywords in one click

Organizing your keyword lists can be a tedious task, but Mazen facilitates you to do it in minimum efforts. In fact, it makes most of the time consuming and low value tasks simpler than ever. This software is sufficient in itself so you don’t need to go for multiple SEO tools. Thanks to our groundbreaking algorithm, we are able to organize your keywords in a few clicks.  

It completely eliminates the requirement of downloading Excel sheets by providing you the required data within a few clicks. The intelligent SEO metrics offered by Mazen helps you to rank your website high on search engines.

Get useful metrics

Its metrics offers you information about search volume, proprietary metrics, and CPC apart from competitor analysis. The keyword-list used by the software is inspired by RankBrain. Furthermore, Mazen comes to you at a fraction of cost as compared to other popular SEO programs available in the market.

Easy to use and cost-effective

In fact most of the tasks such as monitoring and organizing keywords, monitoring traffic rankings and backlinks have been made easy by the software. It turns out to be extremely cheap in case you are working with low volume keywords. Ease of use and cost-effectiveness make it one of the best SEO tools available in the market. If you operate in local markets and have local SEO in mind, Mazen allows you to check rankings locally.

Unmatched Support

At Mazen, we offer you support for specific questions and that makes it ideal for SEO professionals and small businesses. Mazen prevent you from being ruled by your competition.

Create content that converts

Content is the soul of your all your digital marketing campaigns. Anybody who reads your content comes through Google often using a search query. It means he has a need to be fulfilled and if your content doesn’t provide him the value, he may bounce off.  Or he might have clicked your ad, which makes sure that he is interested in your product or services. Your content must have the required pull to convert him. So, you must weave your content around the most popular keywords in your niche. Address the most popular queries in your domain.

Get main and LSI keywords relevant to your niche

The corollary to this fact is – your customer might never come to you, if your content is not optimized for the kind of search queries he is using. Mazen offers you the lists of main keywords and LSI keywords that are highly relevant to your market based on previous queries made by people. You don’t require getting any kind of training to get those lists. All it takes is a few clicks and you can fetch it directly from our knowledge graph. These keywords and LSI words will boost your organic ranking, as they are loved by Google.  

Greater automation

The main issue with various SEO tasks is that they are quite time consuming and leave you with no time for other important activities. We understand your pain and therefore we are in the process of collaborating with the best tools and technology partners in this industry. We are committed to improve Mazen and its capabilities.

Search for questions people are asking in your niche

Mazen allows you to structure your content using questions your customers are asking online. Usually it requires a lot of efforts and intelligence. Mazen provide you trending questions against each primary keyword that you use. These trending questions can help you make the mind-map of your article or post. Such content is loved by both your audiences and Google, equally, unconditionally.  

Set up your campaign in one minute

Earlier SEO professionals used to paste hundreds of keywords in their excel sheets and then URL targeting this keyword in the next column. Isn’t it boring and painstakingly repetitive? While using Mazen you just need to enter a list of keywords and this small business SEO software automatically finds the appropriate landing page from your site matching that keyword.

So, you see that not only is Mazen easy to use, it also saves you hundreds of hours you can devote to your business operations. Your business needs your attention; the SEO part can be taken care of by Mazen.  

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