The Definitive List of All Existing SEO Solutions

To understand the challenges faced by the SEO agencies, professionals and businesses, we conducted an online survey. The major issues as revealed by most of the people working in this industry were as follows:

  1. Quality vs. pricing issues
  2. Bad and toxic links created by bad Fiverr gigs or uncompetitive SEO professionals
  3. High expectations of the customers
  4. Complexity associated with SEO software programs
  5. Sourcing relevant and high quality content that adds value and solves the issues faced by customers

When you go to the roots of these issues, you’ll find that the major issues include boring, repetitive and exhaustive nature of SEO tasks, such as:

  1. Getting keyword insights
  2. Conducting keyword research
  3. Organizing keywords and their variations
  4. Finding the right keywords to create quality content that attracts organic traffic and converts

Slower and complex SEO tools further aggravate the issue. As a matter of fact, most of the SEO tools aren’t intuitive and almost all SEO softwares are a bit complex to use. Some of the tools offer too many features and that adds to the complexity of the tools. Productivity and ease of working suffers as a result. Mazen was created because we believe that the best SEO software is, above all, the most intuitive and easy-to use SEO tool.  So, a need was felt for a robust SEO tool that addresses the pain points of the users. Mazen was developed keeping these issues of the users in mind.

mazen the seo software that save your time

Here are a few reasons why Mazen is the best SEO tool developed so far:

1. Get keyword insight

Mazen offers the best keyword insight in a clutter free interface. It makes things easier. Its Keyword Assistant offers the best keyword insight. First, it makes keyword research easier. Its clutter free interface makes it possible to find the best and most relevant keywords and their variations in a few clicks. So, it replaces all the manual activity and reduces the enormous time associated with it. Sometimes, it simply saves hours freeing you up for other most important tasks such as performing marketing and business operations.   It’s found that its keyword tool is 10 times faster than free tools and almost twice as fast as other paid tools available in the market.

2. Gain insight on your competition

Mazen is an amazing tool that helps you spy on your competitors. Its Keyword Assistant helps you in getting keyword ideas based on the keywords used by your competitors and your niche. It offers you the best competitor intelligence. All it takes are a few seconds to explore these keywords.  

3. Save time

  It’s a great time saver. While working with it, you don’t need to switch between different CMSs. You don’t even have to download excel sheets with loads of irrelevant data. Its developers have beautifully restricted it to simple interface, where it’s easy to get the desired results without cluttering your mind with unnecessary functions and options.

4. Do multitasking

Mazen allows you to perform different SEO tasks quickly. You no longer need to waste your time in low value and boring tasks such as organizing your keyword lists and their variations. You don’t need to juggle between different SEO tools or dig into multiple content marketing systems.  There is no need to work with cluttered spreadsheets either.

5. Get Killer SEO Metrics

Mazen helps you in getting the SEO metrics you need to rank your website high on search engines. Apart from competitor analysis, you also get insights related to search volume, CPC and proprietary metrics. You can also validate your keyword list as per Rank Brain.

So, we can say that Mazen acts as an all in one business SEO tool that replaces most of the SEO tools that are known for few specific features. Here is a list of SEO softwares, which are quite popular in the industry along with their brief description.  

1. Anchor Text Over-Optimization Tool This tool guards you from Google’s Penguin algorithm updates because of over-optimized anchor text. It offers you a full report of these errors by simply entering your URL.

2. Bing Webmaster Tools This is a good diagnostic tool that performs in the same fashion as Google Webmaster Tools. It comes with a suite of various resources and research tools that are helpful for webmasters.

3. Bitly This SEO tool is known mostly for URL shortening, but few people know that it’s an amazing social and analytics tool as well.

4. Boomerang Follow up and track your emails, even if you don’t have an email management system in place. The tool is useful for link-building or sending bulk-emails.

5. Buffer Buffer is a popular tool for social media optimization. Choose the best times for sharing your social media messages and posts for enhanced visibility.

6. BuiltWith The main feature of BuiltWith is Competitive Intelligence. It helps you know the technology used to build your website.

7. Buzzstream Tools Suite Besides its identity as a blogger outreach tool, it also acts as a link building tool. It also helps you in email marketing of your business.  

8. Amara A great tool for video marketing, it can be helpful in creating captions for your YouTube videos. Besides offering a readable transcript, it also increases usability.

9. Content Strategy Generator Tool It helps agencies plan their content strategy smartly. Perform keyword research and discover your audience size with this tool.   

10. MozCast It offers valuable information about Google algorithm updates. It also helps you in tracking changes in position in search engine rankings on a daily basis.

11. MyBlogGuest Most people think that guest blogging is no more in fashion, but it’s very well alive and is frequently used to increase traffic. MyBlogGuest helps you in finding guest post opportunities and related services.  

12. Copyscape Copyscape is an extremely important tool for creating unique content. This software helps you detect duplicate content and plagiarism on your website and other external properties. It is used as a plagiarism checker worldwide by SEO community.

13. Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus acts as a Chrome extension and helps you discover broken links. It goes one step further and informs you about available domains that the backlink may point to.

14. Create amazing infographics using this free tool. The available templates allow you to create amazing graphics.  You can post these infographics on different blog sites and infographic sites such as Pinterest to increase traffic.

15. Email Format It helps you to format your emails according to your organizational requirements and branding.

16. FindPeopleonPlus Use this tool for link building, outreach and research on Google+. Get filtered data according to country, profession and keywords etc.

17. Robots.txt Testing Tool Robots.txt files are likely to contain hidden errors not easily seen by the developers. Running this tool will help you in finding those critical errors.

18. Check Listing While doing local SEO, and checking your local listings on the search engines, this tool helps you in determining the accuracy of your critical data such as a phone number, address and name etc.

19. Google Keyword Planner Keyword Planner has replaced the popular Google keyword tool and now it offers valuable data that is easily not available across the web. It’s very useful in monitoring your website rankings by targeted keywords.  

20. Google Analytics Google is constantly improving and upgrading its Analytics and it is by far the best analytical tool available online.

21. Google Analytics API This SEO software can be of great help while custom tools and reports. You can directly pull data into your Google Docs and Excel sheets using Google Analytics API.

22. Google Map Maker This software helps you in creating presenting public map information. It is directly linked with Google Maps.

23. Google PageSpeed Insights Improve your page speed using this tool and the data provided by it. Page speed is an important ranking factor of Google.

24. Google Public Data It’s helpful in content research and collecting data for infographics. This tool offers this data using public data bases.

25. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool This tool helps you in optimizing your snippets and checking how they are appearing on Google SERPs.

26. Google Structured Data Testing Tool Verify your markup using this tool offered by Google. It helps you in data-testing while using microformats and other structured data types.  

27. Google Trends It helps you in finding Google Trends and also the popularity of keywords in the search fields. You can use it to improve the rank of your website on Google search.

28. Google Webmaster Completely overhauled, this is one of the best diagnostic tools for site owners offered by Google.

29. IFTTT IFTTT is the abbreviation of IF this, then, that. Create automatic triggers across different apps like Twitter and Gmail using this tool.


Create Pie diagrams, charts and infographics using this great tool. It is available for free trial as well. 31. Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

Avail some of the best online tools absolutely free of cost. Online marketers have created some of the best tools that are available for use on this SEO platform.

32. Linkstant Do you want to know, who is linking to your website? This tool will help you to know this and therefore it’s helpful in intelligence gathering and outreach.

33. Screaming Frog This is an extremely valuable technical SEO tool that is used for Diagnostics and website crawling.

34. SEMrush One of the most popular software programs used for gaining competitive intelligence, keyword research and organic and paid keyword data. This suite offers comprehensive reports.

35. SERPmetrics

This is also a software tool that helps you in gaining competitive intelligence and SERP tracking. It is good for tracking search results across United States on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

36. Panguin Tool

Specially designed to track penalties imposed by Google algorithm updates, this software is actually integrated with Google Analytics.

37. Visual Website Optimizer Even if you don’t know the code, Visual Website Optimizer will help you to run A/B tests to test your content. It has an online editor for the purpose.

38. Wordtracker Wordtracker  is the keyword research tool used by many website owners and it comes with a free trial option. It’s a boon for all digital marketing professionals.

  1. Piwik Piwik can be used as a Google Analytics alternative with less heavy features and less complications.

40. Raven

A popular suite of tools that is helpful in diagnostics and offers analytics and diagnostics around web search, SEO and content. This tool can be a boon for a small business ready to launch its SEO campaigns.

41. Rapportive Make your email marketing campaigns effective with the help of this tool. The tool can be integrated with your Gmail inbox to offer rich contact information

42. Remove Duplicate Items This is a complete suite of productivity tools and link building software. It removes duplicate items

43. Robots.txt Checker Find hidden errors in robots.txt files on your website that may prevent search engines from crawling important content on your website.

44. Schema Creator This great tool simplifies creating micro-formats for and therefore replaces various manual tasks. This way it makes creating structured data easier for SEO professionals.

45. Moz Pro This dashboard from Moz brings all the critical marketing data on one screen for better decision making. The Suite offers various diagnostic tools and actionable Analytics. This is a cool traffic tool that is effective in increasing keyword traffic, position monitoring, and reporting.

46. Seer Toolbox This is also a nice suite of tools that was actually used in-house by the developers SEER. It offers analytics and link research. Increase traffic by working on this platform.

47. SEO Toolbar The SEO Toolbar contains all the information about competitive research and backlinks in a streamlined and simple interface.

48. SEO Tools for Excel SEO professionals aren’t necessarily familiar with Excel sheets. With a simple plugin, this tool comes handy for them even without any knowledge of Advanced Excel.  

49. SEOgadget Links API SEOgadget Links API saves your time by bringing all the information about your backlink data and contact information in a few clicks.

50. SEOgadget Tools This suite of tools offers programs like Content Strategy Generator and Excel plugins etc.

51. SEOQuake This tool suite helps you get a vast amount of data compared to other toolbars.

52. SharedCount This is one of the best tools, which offers social analytics and data on how each piece of content is performing across various social media platforms.

53. SharedCount API This API delivers a lot of useful data from various social channels such as Facebook Twitter and Google+.

54. Similar Page Checker It has always been a challenge for SEO professionals to detect duplicate content on the site. Similar Page Checker offers insight about closely resembling HTML on different webpages. Compare them and remove similar content if needed.  

55. Sitemap Generators If you want to generate new sitemaps automatically, this free and quality sitemap generator will be of great help.

56. Optimizely   This is a great tool for Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing. Its analytics will help you get better results towards increasing conversion.

57. Social Crawlytics This is a social analytics tool that helps you gain the insights on your competition’s most shared content. It will help you in drafting appropriate content strategy.

58. Social Mention If you’re looking for a real time social media analytics, this tool can be ideal for you. It will give you instant information about the content being shared in your niche on the web in real time.

59. Text Cleaner This tool offers a solution to common issues of formatting, while copying and pasting between different applications thereby saving a lot of hassle for the users.

60. Keyword Explorer If you want to know the most accurate keywords and suggested topics, Keyword Explorer offers it instantly. This is a free tool offered by Moz and is easily integrated with Mozpro for site tracking, monitoring and evaluating your SEO strategy.

61. Ahrefs Ahrefs this is also a very popular link research tool which offers link building and link research analytics along with different anchor text distribution charts. It’s a boon for people interested in making backlinks and increase traffic.  

62. URI Valet If you’re bothered with redirect issues, server header issues and canonical information flow, etc. use this technical SEO software.

63. Virante SEO Tools This powersuite is a bundle of high quality SEO softwares that might solve most of your issues related to SEO. A gift from Virante developers to their in-house teams, the suite is available for general public now.

64. Wayback Machine Competitive Intelligence involves aggressive penetration into your competitors’ strategies. So, whether you want to dig their website or want to see the history of your own site, this valuable time-machine takes you back into history and helps you collect the data and change-patterns you are looking for.

65. WebPagetest Now improving the speed and performance of your website is not as tough as it used to be. As you know page-speed is an important ranking factor. You can rely on this SEO tool to effectively monitor your website speed and improve its performance by acting on the suggestions offered by its API.

66. Wordle Word clouds have always attracted visitors and increased engagement. Wordle helps you to create pretty word clouds that can be used for graphics, visuals and research.

67. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools The free keyword tools offered by the suite offer vast amount of data, as far as KW suggestions are concerned. It enriches your keyword research and makes you more visible in organic searches.  

68. Xenu’s Link Sleuth Xenu is a multi-tasking tool in the SEO software domain. Apart from performing diagnostics, it offers many utilities.  You can create sitemaps, discover broken links, help the bots crawl your website and perform many other functions.

69. Making sitemaps is tough, but it can be made easy using It’s extremely useful for SEO agency owners and website developers. You can create the sitemaps in minutes especially for smaller websites.  

70. Yahoo Pipes This is a great tool for content creation. It makes combining feeds into content and other applications easier than ever. It can be extremely helpful in link-building.

71. Banana Tag Do you ever track your emails, once you’re done with sending them? Banana Tag will help you in monitoring the open rates of your emails.

72. CloudFlare Bring speed and safety for your website. With more than 100 data centers located all over the world, Cloudflare brings blazing fast download speed to your website by caching your content.  Its content delivery network (CDN) makes it easy for global site-visitors to visit different webpages.

73. Followerwonk The best way to increase engagement and traffic is to know your followers. Followerwonk makes it easy for you. Conduct outreach and follower analysis using this amazing social analytics tool.  

74. Keyword Eye Be a little more imaginative and use valuable concepts rather than plane keywords to perform better keyword research. Keyword Eye does it with a difference – using rich visualizations.

75. KnowEm KnowEm is a great social monitoring tool. It’s all about guarding your brand reputation. It gives you instant information on more than 500 major social networks, trademark databases and scores of domain names, in case your trade name, brand name or username is being used by anyone on the internet.

76. Majestic SEO Majestic SEO link charts are quite popular and can be found almost everywhere on the Internet. Amazing spider technology and various freebies make it a great link research tool.

77. Majestic SEO API As a great Link Research tool, Majestic SEO API offers its backlink data as a freebie to its users.

78. MozBar Just add it to your browser and perform dozens of tasks right from the toolbar itself. Most of the SEOs use it around the globe.

79. Mozscape API Large scale enterprises integrate Mozscape API on their own platforms.  But, you can also access it as an individual. The best thing about this link research tool is that you don’t need to pay for most of its data.

80. Open Site Explorer Moz’s very own link research tool for Competitive Intelligence and Link Building. It offers popularity metrics, anchor text, backlinks and many other things.

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