the Best SEO Software Available Today

Anyone who uses tools does so to save time or simplify processes. If using a tool becomes a time consuming process, it negates the whole point of its usage, isn’t it? This is why we have created an SEO software that not only simplifies the tasks at hand but also saves time for busy professionals.

Like us, you may have wondered which SEO software is the best one from a multitude of such tools available in the market today. We decided to develop Mazen when we couldn’t find a satisfactory answer to this question.

There are several reasons to qualify Mazen as the best SEO software available today.

Mazen is extremely easy to use.

With one interface and easy to use features, Mazen simplifies the SEO workflow.

SEO experts need to complete many tasks on any given day such as researching main and secondary keywords, organizing keywords, editing tags or auditing the work. Mazen makes it very easy for SEO professionals to manage their workflow using just one screen.

If you use any standard SEO tool  (see our définitive list of SEO software), you need to typically take several steps to perform just one task. 

In most SEO audit software, features related to keyword  research, on-page audits, ranking reports and Google index are available on separate screens. Not to consider the complex and time-consuming process of assembling all data in one spreadsheet. This UX issue explains why a task that should typically take only a few minutes usually consumes several hours for any SEO expert.

Yes, the software publishers had the right idea in mind to offer excellent features to the users. But if a simple task requires multiple steps for completion – the task is not simple anymore.

There are many different types of excellent SEO software available today. There is no doubt about it. But the reality is that none are simple enough for the users. Not one software offered users a simplified workflow. Not until Mazen.

2. Mazen saves time.

For any business enterprise, time efficiency is crucial. So, any tool that can help professionals save time and improve efficiency is always a good thing.


For SEO specialists, the usual workflow requires navigating different environments such as the CMS, excel spreadsheets and SEO tools. This involves going back and forth multiple screens to complete simple tasks. This means more time spent on each step of the SEO workflow.


But Mazen solves this problem because it offers a simpler solution to save time. Mazen is the tool for SEO workflow. It simplifies the SEO work as each step of the workflow can be managed from Mazen’s unique dashboard. Yes, Mazen is an SEO tool with just one screen.

4. software in only 1 screen

  • SEO Keyword tool: Any SEO workflow usually starts with keyword research. Mazen’s unique dashboard allows to select thousands of keywords in a few minutes. Our Knowledge graph technology makes keyword research easier then ever.
  • SEO Ranking tool: Selecting keyword is cool and all, but monitoring the ranking is still the best way to figure out the success of your campaign
  • SEO audit software. Still in the same easy-to-use interface, you can run the audit, simply by adding columns that will give you information you need about your keywords and/or pages: is it indexed?  What technical issues were fond on each page? What is the semantic score of the page? Of the competitor’s for the same keyword?
  • CMS SEO plugin: From Mazen, you can edit any title tag, meta description, H1, H2, alt test and URL of any page of your website. our CM integration makes on-page optimization easier then ever.

You can perform any number of SEO tasks using Mazen’s dashboard. You can select keywords. And then automatically organize them as main and secondary keywords on the same screen.

Not only this, you can also identify the best keywords for every single page of any website using the same screen. Need to rectify any technical problem? No issues. You can now easily audit any website on the same interface.

Yes, it is very easy to edit and make any changes on a website using the same screen. Mazen has a feature called ‘CMS connector’, which allows for easy editing of any page. You can also track ranking of any website through Mazen’s simple interface.

But Mazen can’t qualify as the best SEO software without customization features. Isn’t it? The Mazen team was careful to not force features on the users.

With Mazen, it is easy to customize the screen. You can choose the information you want to display on the workflow screen. It can be anything you want. Mazen is made for SEO professionals.

You can add columns for any task you need on the existing interface. You want keywords and their rankings to show up on the screen. No problem. You can create new views on the Mazen interface.

You want to easily view title tags, alt texts and back links. No issues. You can easily customize how you want the interface to appear.

3. Mazen improves business efficiency.

Of course, Mazen helps improve business efficiency given its simple and time-saving features. Really, with Mazen there is no excuse to not meet your SEO goals anymore.

Imagine that you manage multiple websites. Now calculate the time required for each SEO task for every one of these websites. Even thinking about it can make heads spin.

But if you save time on each SEO task, you can monetize your business hours in a better way. This is true for freelance SEO professionals as well as agencies. Even if you use excellent SEO tools like Google Analytics or the one from Moz, the work can be tedious.


The time you save on each SEO tasks means the same hours are available for work or leisure. Also, you need to pay for one just SEO tool if you use Mazen.


There are so many ways Mazen can help businesses. Be it by saving time or business costs, Mazen helps both companies and SEO professionals.

Mazen : from idea to execution

Mazen solved a problem we faced as SEO specialists. Mazen was born out of a necessity. We hit a wall of problems every time we sat down to complete SEO tasks. The usual issues of performing one time-consuming task after another had become a thorn in our side.

Mazen is not a product born out of only our issues with SEO workflow. We were humble enough to realize that this could be the reality for many SEO professionals. Early on, we collected a list of reasons from our beta subscribers about their expectations from online SEO tools. We also spoke to many SEO professionals about the problems they faced using existing software. We met and spoke to freelance SEO professionals, SEO writers, in-house SEO specialists and those who worked with agencies. We gathered information through open-ended questions. We gleaned data from the answers we received. We devised solutions based on this research and more.

This process helped us better understand the workflow of SEO professionals with different work profiles and project budgets.

We received many responses. But the gist of it was the same. Users wanted to either save time or simplify their SEO workflow. This gave us an impetus to create a new tool that met these new expectations.

As a team running a successful digital marketing agency, we had the means and the desire to create such a tool. After preliminary research and preparations, we began the actual work with the best team possible. The Mazen team involves PHP and AI experts and web developers for creating the tool. We needed someone with PHP expertise to find a way to connect Mazen with CMS platforms. Since, PHP is the language for most CMSs; this hire was a crucial step in developing Mazen. We also hired an AI expert to develop a technology for all keyword-related tasks. It was important for us to automate the process of keyword selection, organization and for finding the best landing pages for each. Our four web developers performed all front and back-end tasks.

Along with these professionals, our CEO, CTO and project coordinators, Mazen began to take shape.

Our goal was to develop a tool that made life of SEO professionals easier. Our focus was on features that all SEO professionals used. But the idea was to provide them in a way that made more sense. With Mazen, the goal was to develop a tool that reduced the hours SEO specialists spent on low-value tasks.

The development process was not easy. But we knew it was doable. Mazen was a challenge. But it was a challenge that we knew we could overcome. With Mazen, we managed to develop the only existing software that saves time for SEO professionals.

When you use Mazen, you can take up more projects and make more money. You can make your clients happier by delivering faster and better results. You have more time for family and leisure activities.


Mazen is the answer to workflow-related problems for SEO professionals. Mazen is an innovation that you longed for but couldn’t find. With Mazen, you can save time. And with this time saved, you can do whatever you like with the available hours.

To summarize

With Mazen, it is easier to manage the SEO workflow. With Mazen, it is possible to save countless hours spent on a single project. With Mazen, it is feasible to perform SEO work with increased efficiency.

Mazen is the best SEO software because it is not about adding features after features. It is the best software for SEO experts because it makes their tasks easier and simpler. There is no two way about it. The answer is as simple as Mazen.