Mazen Smart SEO audit software to improve website efficiency

We built Mazen because we believe that time is the most important thing we have in our lives, and that it’s probably he same for our clients. Thus, if we wanted to create the best SEO software of all time, we had to focus on only thing : helping SEO specialists to achieve their goal quicker, without pain or effort.

With Mazen’s help, you can identify the issues in your website and fix them for an improved online marketing strategy. Since Google’s algorithm undergoes frequent updates and SEO best practices change all the time, it makes perfect sense to audit your website from time to time, to keep it abreast with the times.

Why use Mazen?

That is because, most other SEO software are complex and SEO specialists don’t feel comfortable working with them, but Mazen makes it easy with its simple navigation and clear features. It saves you a lot of time by streamlining the entire SEO process. In Mazen, you have to use only one screen to do all that you need unlike software that are cluttered and complicated.

You don’t need excel to use Mazen. Rather, everything related to auditing, editing tags and finding and grouping keywords can be accomplished on a single interface. Our metrics are also very innovative, not unnecessarily fancy and what usually takes you an entire day to complete will only take an hour with this amazing software. The 2 main reasons why you should Mazen are:

  • No excel sheet or spreadsheet, which avoids complication. Instead, you can create as many dashboards you need and chalk out your own workflow.  
  • Simple and friendly user experience or UX

Benefits of SEO audit for websites

Using a SEO analysis tool like Mazen can provide numerous benefits during website auditing.

  • Identify content issues – This can help to mend broken links, improve the site’s accessibility, enhance the website’s search value, ensure relevant tags and make sure that the content is exciting, engaging, informational and original.
  • Realizing the need for content repurposing – Up-to-date and valuable information goes a long way in determining your website’s search ranking, visibility and visitor loyalty. An audit tool can help you zero in on the articles or blog posts which you can repurpose to add value to your website.
  • Understanding content gaps – Tools for auditing are also helpful to identify gaps in content. This means that you will be able to match your content with what your audience actually needs and make your website more structured and appealing. Traffic will increase as a result.
  • Evaluating content quality – SEO audit software like Mazen Content can help evaluate your website’s content quality. Since Google website crawlers can easily identify low quality content with repetitions, plagiarism and no real value, improving content quality is crucial. It can lead to higher search rankings.
  • Improving information structure – By using free SEO analysis tools, you can gauge if your website’s content is easily accessible by search engines. Audit tools can not only present your content in an engaging way for the audience, but also motivate them to check out other pages of your website.
  • Improved SEO – The change in search engine optimization in recent years have forced most websites to improve constantly to attract repeat visitors. If the user experience of your site is not great, Google can penalize you by diverting traffic to better sites. A SEO audit tool can help in this case by ensuring Google-specific user experience and great content for your audience.
  • Improved visibility in organic search – A website audit tool can help you develop on-page SEO plan to integrate the website’s code with the target keywords. This will determine your ranking on Google, and help you use the right amount of long-tail keywords to attract relevant audience.
  • Enhanced usability – A content audit is ideal for identifying the best content, structure, design and functionality for your website. It can help you present all information in a precise manner on the landing page itself to help the readers find what they need. Auditing can make your website’s purpose and offerings clearer to retain visitors.
  • Improved conversion – This might take time and require frequent auditing, analysis, strategic planning, optimization of headlines, up-to-date content, the right keywords, easy site navigation and so on.

10 things to audit on your website to improve efficiency

Auditing your website doesn’t have to be time-consuming, if you have a proper list of things to check in the first place. Before you begin, go through and collect all analytics related keywords, traffic, referral traffic for landing pages and such. Then take care of these 10 things that an audit includes usually:


  • Personas – Create a few personas of those who might visit your website. This will make the process more customer-centric and enhance usability. Don’t begin optimizing without personas as this will waste your time and create wrong content or bring in the wrong audience.
  • Keywords – Research both keywords and topics, and compile a list of secondary keywords for each topic. Prioritize topics with sufficient search volumes, but are not very competitive also. Mazen analyses keywords and shows you which have the most potential, or in other words, high search volume but not very high competition. Use more keywords that are relevant to your most important persona. Write creatively and informatively on topics that your persona might be interested in.


      1. Use Mazen to track the ranking of each keyword. Then test if your current content matches any prioritized topic. If not, develop a new page for the same.
      2. Analyze keywords and see if there is any change in their performances. Compare this with your competition as well. Also observe the general keyword performance trend, so that you know which ones to use in the coming time.


  • Smart structure with internal links – Use a mind map to visualize the structure and identify clusters of pages. Create 3 to 5 pages to link with a topic’s main page only. Make sure that each website page has a mother, daughter and sister page. This will boost your strategy for internal linking.
  • Great commercial content – Your website’s design should let you develop long content of 2000 to 5000 words. Mazen Content can help you the best relevant words for your content


      1. Your products and services should be accurately described.
      2. Unique and original information like opinions, reviews and technical details that are not available anywhere else should be provided.
      3. Headings and title tags that are original and can trigger interest should be used.


  • Backlink concerns – Only go for backlinks when your website is really ready for them. Get your bigger story right on the website and then choose a few of Mazen’s smart backlinking techniques to spread your story. By using citation flow and trust flow, our auditing tool can help you identify which pages have high authority and which ones have low authority. Avoid buying backlinks from platforms which say they sell.
  • Concerns regarding sitemap – If you want to ensure that search engine bots are caching and indexing your pages fast and see what they should see, create an XML sitemap. Check these maps regularly so that your audience sees the most updated pages always.
  • On-page optimization – Using at least your main keywords in title tags, H1 and H2 is a wise practice as it shows what your page deals with. Your headings and titles should also be eye-catching enough to persuade the audience to click on your page and not your rival’s. You can save time in this by choosing Mazen to optimize metadata, headers and alt-text. 
  • Indexation and crawl budget – Pages with short content of less than 100 words, with duplicate content, with no fixed SEO objectives and with 404 errors should be de-indexed. But if your website has fewer than 500 pages, don’t spend any time or money on this.
  • Load timing and page speed – Pages that don’t fast or completely can turn off visitors. Before calling a professional developer to help you improve page speed and loading, check if there is unnecessary Java script, HTML codes or CSS, or images that are not compressed.  These are usually reasons behind slow loading.   

More things you can do

Besides the 10 things mentioned above, you should also create blog content that features your personal voice. You can mention how you started, why you started and how you plan to help your target audience. Always include a call to action, whether you want subscribers, customers, or backlinks.

Screaming Frog, Open Site Explorer and Google Webmaster are some other SEO audit tools that can help you out besides Mazen. These can help you crawl your entire site, check broken internal links, analyze traffic, help with coding and development and even generate more leads.

To conclude

SEO audits of websites are mandatory and should be done all the time to stay ahead of your competition. This will help you keep your site updated with fresh and valuable content, identify errors and broken links, and mend them as soon as possible to improve organic search rankings as well as conversions. You will also be able to understand if poor sites are linking back to your website and hurting your SEO strategy.

Just remember to document every error you notice while auditing. This will help you to assess the improvement that has occurred by fixing them, in the next audit. Also tracking this on a spreadsheet and noting dates and URLs will help you remember how you fixed each problem.

So, by keeping a few things in mind and availing the cool tools provided by Mazen, you can make website auditing a piece of cake!


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