MazenBot | Brings SEO into Slack

MazenBot | Brings SEO into

MazenBot can understand your language, not just commands. If you want to take a break from SEO, try having a friendly chat with MazenBot!

MazenBot brings SEO data right where you are every day - Slack!

Your personal SEO assistant

Working on keyword research? Ask MazenBot, he will provide you with suggestions and statistics.

Want to quickly check your rankings? MazenBot will do it for you.

Artificial intelligence


Keywords suggestion

A question about MazenBot? Please contact us at

MazenBot provides you smart keyword suggestions thanks to Mazen Knowledge Graph.

MazenBot provides you with your ranking on Google. If your website is not ranking on Google, MazenBot will suggest you webpages to optimize for your keyword using a semantic analysis.

More information about MazenBot?

How does MazenBot work?

Installation and use

Integration and 3rd party

MazenBot can do 5 keyword researches per day (200 keywords per research) and check 20 rankings per day.

MazenBot limitations

MazenBot uses Mazen App, the first SEO software designed to save your time, as a third party to obtain data (keyword suggestions, rankings, semantic analysis).

Customer Support

MazenBot is a Slack App, so all you need is to install MazenBot in your Slack team, and give it the right permissions.

You can use MazenBot by chatting with it directly or mentioning it in any channel. MazenBot also answers to commands and interactive buttons.

Made with ❤️ by the Mazen App team

Mazen App is the first SEO software that saves your time.

Information from Third Party Data Sources

MazenBot Privacy Policy

We take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. We employ a variety of safety measures to keep your team’s information secure. Communication between MazenBot and your chat platform is encrypted using SSL.

How Can I Delete My Information?

What We Collect

We will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your information to outside parties without your explicit permission.

Information collected by the MazenBot system will only be used to generate reports and respond to queries, and will not be made available to any party outside of the authorized team.

We may send you email or bot notifications from time to time. You may opt out of receiving these messages at any point by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the email or direct message.

MazenBot only collects information that is sent directly to it, via direct message, commands, or when the bot is directly mentioned. MazenBot does not have access to past or archived messages.

MazenBot collects basic user information when the user interacts with the bot for the first time.

MazenBot also collects basic information about the team, group, room, or channel, depending on the platform. This information is collected for the purpose of authenticating the user and team with our service.

MazenBot allows you to interact with, the only third party that has access to your basic information via MazenBot.

All data displayed by MazenBot comes from this third party ( This data exchange is secure and encrypted using SSL.

How We Use Your Data

Should you ever decide to delete your account, you may do so by emailing If you terminate your Account, any link between your Account and information we've stored will be removed.

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