Semantic SEO Solutions from Mazen

Using keywords is not the simple matter of collecting a bunch of words and utilizing them in content. Search engine optimization has evolved. Google keeps updating its algorithm and necessitate website updates.

Search engines now employ advanced technology to provide users with improved experience. SEO is now about quality. It is also about implementing every Google update in your SEO strategy. This is why SEO professionals need online SEO tools that can help them implement these strategies.

Nowadays, semantics matter for keyword research and use. Semantics refer to meaning of words and their many variations. It also refers to the study of linguistic interpretations. So, how is semantics associated with SEO? And do existing tools offer semantic SEO solutions?

Google and Semantics

With Google’s AI algorithm update RankBrain, SEO experienced a shift. RankBrain not only considers keywords used in content. But it also detects context of keywords used in search queries. So, a search query about ‘summer vacation spots’ can be semantically interpreted by RankBrain in a wider context of related words or phrases.

These can be summer vacation, destinations, attractions, etc. Now, you need to use these words in meaningful ways in your content. So, it can be ‘summer destinations’, ‘summer fun attractions’ or ‘summer holiday destinations’.

This leads us to latent semantic indexing (LSI).replicas rolex submariner 16610 lv

LSI Keywords


LSI keywords are words or phrases semantically or linguistically related to keywords used in a search query. So, basically you need to write your content for humans. But you need to optimize it for Google’s RankBrain.


Simply put, you need to use more words and phrases in your content that gives greater context to your main keyword. So, if your website content is about the fruit orange. You need to make it relevant for Google by using words that relate to the ‘fruit orange’ and not the ‘color orange’ or any place beginning from the word orange such as ‘Orange County’.

LSI keywords are important because Google gives them importance. The reason for it is that Google team wanted to provide the best experience to the users in terms of search results. So, if you want your website to rank higher on Google, you need to use LSI keywords.

This is why SEO professionals require tools that can help them find and organize LSI keywords in the most efficient manner. Enter Mazen.

Mazen and LSI Keywords

Mazen helps SEO specialists find LSI keywords using its own unique keyword finder. Mazen delivers a list of LSI keywords that you can use in the content.

Mazen allows you to find and organize keywords on a single screen. So it becomes easier to find LSI keywords in the minimum amount of time.

To find the related words or phrases, you need to group keywords for any given topic and analyze search volume for the whole group to check the relevance of the topic. Sounds easy? But this process can be time-consuming. This is why with Mazen; we have provided you a solution. You need to simply group keywords on the Mazen dashboard and it will show you the search volume for each topic or group of keywords. Mazen also simplifies the process of finding the LSI keywords.

If you are looking for a tool to provide you semantic SEO solutions, Mazen is the answer.

So are keywords still relevant?

Yes, main keywords are still important. In fact, all keywords have their own importance in terms of search results.

A tool like Mazen can help you find main and secondary keywords, long tail keywords, LSI keywords and organize the words in a simple manner. But usage of keywords is also important. Just like now you don’t need to stuff main keywords in a piece of content. Use of LSI keywords must be also sparse. If you are new to SEO or find the keyword research task tedious, you may not find the idea of these Google updates particularly fun. However, you can use Mazen to simplify the process of finding and organizing keywords extremely easy.


Semantic SEO is not a complicated concept. It is just about making your content more relevant for search engine results and the readers. This, in fact, makes it easier to craft content. You don’t need to focus on one keyword alone. You can write or source content using different topics and related terms.


The purpose is to not find words or phrases to rank well on Google. But to use words that make your content relevant for a specific topic. This also gives you the benefit of gaining better search engine ranks without too many backlinks.imitation yves saint laurent messenger bags

To Conclude

Semantic optimization can seem like a complicated process. Search algorithm updates will also continue to happen. But with the right software at your disposal, you can carry on with your SEO tasks without any problems.

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