Importance of Monitoring Keyword Rankings, Traffic Ranking, and Backlinks to Increase Traffic and Stay On Top

Can you really perfect your SEO without monitoring your Google rankings? The main goal of SEO is to bring quality traffic to your site. While SEO is not directly linked with rankings, a high search position is definitely a sign that your site is successful. The job of an SEO professional is to make targeted keywords more visible, which is the only way to attract new organic traffic. Effective SEO monitoring software can make a huge difference in eliminating a number of repetitive and boring tasks.   As far as your SEO action-plan is concerned, keyword monitoring is also good for A/B testing. It will help you determine whether your content marketing, link building, and online PR activities are effective. Below, we’re going to discuss what makes keyword monitoring so important for the success of your SEO strategy.  

Monitoring keyword rankings: A yardstick to measure your SEO success

It is very difficult to measure the actual success of an SEO campaign. In fact, even social indicators such as numbers of followers and interactions aren’t sufficient to measure how your website is faring against competition. Backlinks are important, but the number of backlinks itself isn’t enough to determine your success. If your yardstick for measuring the success of your SEO efforts is your Google ranking, then you are on the right track. This allows you to eliminate wasteful activities, campaigns, and workflows that aren’t productive. So any software that helps you in monitoring Google rankings quickly and easily can be of immense help to you. To ensure the success of your campaign, you’ll want to research keywords relevant to your niche. Monitoring keyword rankings helps you select the right SEO strategy. For example, if your website is riding up the search engine ladder, you can spot the activities that are driving your website upward. These activities can be leveraged in the future to increase your return on investment.

Make an instant jump in rankings

Ranking on keywords becomes very important when your website notches a place the first two pages of Google search. Certain keywords can help you make an instant jump in the rankings. So, if you focus on developing those keywords, you are more likely to win one of the top slots. But, do you have a software tool that can help you identify those keywords with minimal effort? Most so-called SEO software programs and suites are so cluttered and clunky that they infuriate users who need them for simple and specific tasks. You need an SEO tool that is free from clutter and can help you perform your tasks in a minimum number of clicks, without having to download tedious Excel sheets.   Keyword monitoring tools such as Mazen can save you tons of time, especially with tasks that you frequently need to perform manually. The better your software tool is, the better your results will be.

Monitoring your backlinks and finding new opportunities

If you are familiar with SEO, you should also be familiar with the importance backlinks have in terms of rankings and traffic to your website. However, creating these backlinks is huge pain in the ass, and if you don’t do it right, you might ultimately incur Google penalties instead of higher rankings. To date, backlinks have been crucial to successful SEO. Google loves authoritative backlinks, so as an SEO professional, you need to keep your eyes open and constantly find new opportunities for good backlinks that can help establish this authority. Conversely, bad backlinks can definitely hurt your reputation. Therefore, monitoring backlinks should be an important activity during your SEO campaign. Mazen is an SEO app that can help monitor backlinks, so that you can get rid of toxic or unwanted backlinks and find new opportunities in the Internet ecosystem. Backlinks formed on high-traffic websites can definitely direct lots of traffic to your website. Furthermore, in terms of ranking, dofollow backlinks factor very importantly in the eyes of Google. Tracking backlinks can also help you manage your online reputation. Doing so, you can monitor negative and positive reviews from customers.

Monitoring your traffic rankings

Organic Traffic is directly linked to your ranking for relevant keywords. Similarly, the success of your website in terms of sales, revenue, and lead generation are all linked to organic traffic. The ultimate objective of any business is to make money. That’s why the Alexa website traffic ranking (not to be confused with Amazon’s AI assistant of the same name) is considered to be extremely important. These rankings help determine the ultimate value of your website and can also help you assess your competition. If you climb up in traffic rankings, it means you are generating additional traffic from search engine queries. If your Alexa ranking is between 300,000 to 500,000, it means you are attracting a decent crowd and probably making good money. But if it jumps to between 20,000 and 100,000, you reach a new level of online superstardom and can really rake in the cash. At this juncture, you can earn money through various channels like selling advertising space and make a decent buck out of it. If you are in the top slots, your website is highly valued in terms of monetary value and income potential. Again, a good SEO software tool is extremely important for regularly checking your traffic ranking. It will actually help you increase your revenue and stay profitable.

How Mazen makes your job easier

Mazen makes the whole process hassle-free. Monitoring keyword rankings can be a really tedious task for most people. And the complicated nature of other SEO tools and suites can often make your life even more difficult. Usually, SEO reporting software applications offer so many features that it becomes difficult to perform simple tasks in a timely manner. That’s why Mazen’s developers made sure their software had a simple, easy-to-use interface, free of vanity features that don’t really add much value. They dumped unnecessary features and focused on the core tasks that help you get your site to top of the SERPs. Everything happens on a single screen, with a clean and uncluttered interface. Mazen performs all the important tasks mentioned above in a minimum number of clicks (no more juggling Excel spreadsheets!). It allows you to easily audit pages, edit tags, and find and monitor keywords or groups of keywords.  

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