Write SEO optimized content

Make your content rank 30% better thanks to semantic related terms


SEO add-on

Write SEO optimized content

Write effective and relevant content for search engines:

MAZEN Content analyzes your writing in real time. It suggests lexical fields related to your target queries, and shows you the number of recurrence of each used term.

Refresh your old pages

Make sure your technical tags comply with Google’s criteria:

The tool provides live analysis of the status of your technical tags (Title, Meta-description, Hn) and gives recommendations for modification. 

Collaborate on your drafts

Ensure that your webcopy is easily read by users:

MAZEN Content analyzes your content and gives you pieces of advice based on numerous readability criteria (length of sentences, redundancy of words, and the average length of used words). 


related terms

Live content analysis

Mazen analyzes the length of your text, the lexical field to be used, and guides rolex day date uomo m118138 0117 rolex calibre 2836 2813 marrone tono automatico you in real time in writing your text.

Related terms suggestions

Our algorithm analyzes the content of your best competitors and tells you the words you must use in your text.



Tag labeling

Ability to define the tags directly in your Google.docs thanks to Mazen Content

Technical recommendations

MAZEN Content gives you best practices recommendations based on
numerous criteria imposed by Google.



Enrich your content thanks to our topics suggestion engine. MAZEN Content offers topics for

  • Questions
  • Trends
  • Prepositions

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Roland Garros​

Marketing Strategy manager

“I use MAZEN Content for my work, it is so handy and flexible. Especially, the semantic terms suggestion.”


Add-on Team

“After reviewing your tool, we think the idea is interesting and useful for our users. Your Add-on is approved for public use”

How to start

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Step 1

Install the plugin by connecting your Google account right above. A Gmail account is required: MAZEN Content is a Google.Docs add-on, and you must connect your Google Account to use Google.docs.

Step 2

Open a Google.docs : one in the Google.docs, go to «Add-ons» and click on «MAZEN Content», and on «Start».

Step 3

Input the keyword you want to rank for. You can now start writing great content, following the instructions MAZEN Content.

Make Google RankBrain happy

Semantic related terms help search engines to deeply understand your contents.

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