MAZEN Content

Write SEO optimized content without technical knowledge.

Real Time recommendations

Content analysis

Write effective and relevant content for search engines:

Mazen Content analyzes your writing in real time. It suggests lexical fields related to your target queries, and shows you the number of recurrence of each used term.

Technical Tags

Make sure your technical tags comply with Google’s criteria:

The tool provides live analysis of the status of your technical tags (Title, Meta-description, Hn)and gives recommendations for modification.


Ensure that your webcopy is easily read by users:

Mazen Content analyzes your content and gives you a score based on numerous readability criteria (length of sentences, redundancy of words, and the average length of words used).

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Content analysis

Choice of content: Ability to write fresh text or import pre-existing text from a page to optimize content.

Lexical Fields: Suggestions of relevant lexical terms to incorporate into your text to make sure that Google understands the subject of your page.

Length: Analysis of the length of a text and the lexical fields that appear in comparison with your competition.

Simplicity: Easy-to-sort and color code functionality improves your SEO workflow. Easy-to-use, no technical knowledge required.

Technical Tags

Tag labeling: Ability to define the tags directly via Mazen interface

Analysis: Mazen analyzes your text in real time, based on your indicated tags

Recommendations: Mazen gives you best practice recommendations based on numerous criteria imposed by Google

HTML export: The HTML export function allows you to transfer your optimized text into your site with your optimized tags in place

Content Ideas

Questions suggestions: Find out what questions your consumers have

Trends: Discover the most popular subjects around your keyword and write a content that interest your readers


Word density: Mazen lists words that are used repeatedly, which can make your text difficult to read

Sentence length: Analyze your average sentence lengths and find out which ones should be shortened for improved readability

That's not all..

HTML Import/Export

Mazen Content lets you write fresh text or import pre-existing text from a page, to re-optimize content.

Mazen also allows you to export optimized content in HTML. You can maintain the background (textual content) and the form (tags) when uploading your new content.

Lexical field Export

You can easily download the lexical fields that have been suggested, based on your main queries. 

You can also download an Excel file containing all of the lexical fields, which you can share or re-import on a CMS.


Easy-to-learn tutorial videos with step-by-step guides on how to best use Mazen are available on our dedicated page.

Watch all of our “Mazen Content” tutorial videos on our dedicated training page.

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How to try MAZEN Content:

Only a few steps !

Step 1 : Install the plugin by entering your email right above: A Gmail account is required : Mazen Content is a Google Doc Plugin, and you must connect your Google account to use Google Doc. 

Step 2 : Open a Google Doc. Once in the Google Doc, go to “Add-ons” and click on “Mazen SEO Assistant” > Start

Step 3 : Input the keyword you want to rank for. You can now start writing great content, following the instructions Mazen SEO Assistant gives you.

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How to subscribe/pay ?

Subscribe through our plugin !

Subscription is made directly through the plugin (not on our website). To chose an offer or to upgrade, just follow these 3 steps: 

Step 1: Open a Google Doc

Step 2: Go to Add-on -> Mazen SEO Assistant -> Buy

Step 3: Choose the plan you want, fill the form, and start writing great content.