Essential Features of Online SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy to garner higher search engine rankings for a website. It is a practice to increase website traffic and the quality of this traffic. If you offer a product or a service, you need SEO. Yes, in this day and age of digital marketing, all businesses need SEO for optimum growth. It doesn’t matter if you sell your products online or not. But businesses and professionals need to be visible on search engines. This is how customers now find what they are looking for be it a product or a service.  No more scanning the phone directories. But a quick online search is now the way of life. You not only need your website optimized for desktops but for mobile phones as well. Therefore, now a robust SEO strategy is even more crucial than ever. And for optimum SEO strategies, you need the right SEO tools. There are many free online SEO tools available as well as software with few or all paid features. But even the best SEO software on the market will not be useful enough if nothing is done to make SEO specialists’ life easier.Your SEO efficiency depends a great deal on the software you use for the purpose.

Your Business and SEO

Do all businesses need SEO? This is an important question. And the answer is simple. Yes. Irrespective of your business size and industry, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy in place. SEO is about organic search. When you implement the right SEO strategies, you gain in the form of increased web traffic. Search engines like Google also consider quality of content to rank websites. Any website with good SEO also improves user experience. User experience includes factors such as time spent on a website among others. Also, paid search can never score over organic search using SEO. More website traffic means more conversion possibilities. Increased sale equals an improved bottom line. Naturally, SEO is crucial for businesses in the era of the Internet. And it is not going anywhere. SEO practices have evolved over the years and continue to do so. But the basic premise remains the same. With the right search engine optimization tool, it is easier to implement an SEO strategy. So, businesses need SEO. This is clear. But one question remains. Which SEO tool is the best for your business? In other words, how to find the best SEO software for your business?

Features of an Online SEO Tool

Any standard SEO tool offers many features to perform different tasks. These can be features for :

  • Keyword research; both primary and secondary
  • Related keywords
  • Exact phrase matches
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Organizing keywords
  • Mapping keywords
  • Ranking tools
  • Audits
  • Checking competitors’ websites
  • Broken link tests
  • Image alt test
  • Google Analytics test
  • Sitemap testing
  • URL test
  • Robots.txt test
  • Analyzing mega tags
  • Page comparison
  • Link suggestion
  • HTTPS test

The fact is most SEO tools offer features that are not necessary. Or add to the already-overloaded workflow of most SEO professionals. Yes, features are important for SEO. But the question is about the usability.

Do you need easy SEO software that makes your workflow efficient? Or do you want SEO software that offers you umpteenth features but a complicated interface?

Mazen Offerings

Mazen is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers all the features you need for your SEO workflow. But that’s not new you may think. You are right. But Mazen takes it a step further. Mazen offers all features on a single screen. Simplifying the SEO workflow was the premise on which Mazen was built. So, let us consider all the essential features you need for SEO and how you can find them in Mazen. Importantly, you can find them in Mazen in a better way than already-existing software.  

Keyword research tool 

Keyword research is the primary task for any SEO workflow. Most keyword suggestion tools offer hundreds and millions of possibilities, which you need to organize in spreadsheets. But with Google updates like Fred, Panda and RankBrain, keyword use has changed. Google now prefers keywords that are not just variations of the same word. So, now the need of the hour is for tools that can suggest variations of topics related to any keyword. At Mazen, we offer you a keyword tool that is powered by AI. Mazen offers suggestions on different topics that you can target. This feature alone can help you save up to 15 minutes on tasks involving every group of 100 keywords. Mazen also provides a list of questions related to a keyword that people most ask on search engines. What’s more – Mazen goes a step further in terms of keyword research. With Google’s algorithm changes, definition of related keywords has changed. Google’s AI now looks for phrases or words that refer to a specific topic. This is termed as ‘the lexical field’. Mazen’s unique algorithm provides lexical words automatically. You can simply use these words or phrases in an organic manner throughout your content for better Google rankings.

Keyword organizer 

Google’s RankBrain prefers websites that have longer content. But that also have keywords on the same topic. Such organization tasks can take up hours. SEO experts spend several tedious hours grouping keywords on the same topic. But with Mazen, you can save up to 20 minutes on organizing every 100 keywords. Mazen offers a keyword organizing feature that automates this task. You can also prioritize keywords easily to use with different URLs.

Keyword mapping tool 

Mapping keywords is a low-value SEO task. It is a time-consuming and tedious process. To prepare H1s, title tags and relevant content for each keyword, you would need hours. Imagine doing so for thousands of keywords! But Mazen automates the keyword mapping process to save you countless hours. It can find the best page for each keyword. It can even suggest creating new pages if relevant mapping is not present.

Semantic analysis

Mazen has created the first semantic score based on LSI keywords. You can get, for any page, not only the actual score, but also a precise list of LSI words to use in your content, in order to improve the semantic score. This feature makes Mazen probably the best  semantic SEO software on the market.

Monitoring dashboard 

Typically, SEO specialists organize their tasks in Excel. Columns after columns and rows after rows – there is information displayed pertinent to your tasks. You may collate keywords sourced using SEMrush or Adwords. You may rank those keywords using tools like Google Analytics, Moz or even your own CMS. However, Mazen makes this task easier and simpler. The USP of Mazen is its single screen for all tasks. You don’t need to use spreadsheets for SEO anymore if you use Mazen. By simply adding any column to your dashboard (to display, for each page of the website, rankings, trafic, title tags, backlinks, semantic score..), you can turn Mazen on a very simple SEO monitoring software. Using the same screen, you can also perform other tasks such as –

  • Auditing any website
  • Editing websites
  • Updating websites
  • Track keyword rankings (for your website and your competitors’)
  • Customize your workflow (yes, with Mazen, you can customize your screen as per your requirements)
mazen the seo software that save your time

The Mazen Advantage

Mazen is compact. Mazen is an all-in-one SEO tool. Mazen is the simple SEO software that packs a punch. So, a typical SEO workflow involves the following steps :

  • Keyword research/finding relevant content topics
  • Organizing keywords
  • Mapping the keywords
  • Analyzing your competitors’ keyword rankings
  • Reviewing your website’s existing content (including all technical issues)
  • Creating URLs, tags and content
  • Fixing technical issues
  • Tracking keywords
  • Creating reports

These tasks require three separate environments – SEO software, spreadsheets and CMS. But with Mazen, you need just one screen to perform all the above tasks. All the features you need for your SEO tasks, you can find those in Mazen’s simplified interface. One simple screen and you are all set for your efficient SEO workflow. You can research keywords and find all relevant words and phrases on one screen. You can edit CMS content and update existing content on the same screen. You can repair broken links, examine your rankings and review any other website from one simplified dashboard. You can even tailor the Mazen dashboard to suit your SEO tasks. The Mazen features are about saving time and increasing efficiency. The Mazen team has worked hard to do away with complicated features that most SEO specialists don’t even use. Mazen is about streamlined processes. When you can manage your time and workflow in a better way, it reflects in the business bottom line. For freelance SEO professionals, this time saved can be utilized for new projects or leisure time. For businesses, it can mean saving huge costs in terms of fewer work hours per project. Overall, it can mean happier clients. With time saved, companies, SEO agencies and freelancers can adjust their budgets to offer their clients a better deal on projects. Also, when the workflow is simpler and easier, it shows up as better end results. With increased efficiency, you can minimize errors on the website and repair technical issues quicker.

mazen the seo software that save your time

In Nutshell

Mazen is not a newer and shiner version of existing SEO tools. Mazen is the revolutionary SEO software that is better than the existing tools available in the market today. Mazen has everything that SEO professionals need to perform their tasks. Mazen is a vision manifested in form.

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