Efficient SEO guide

by Mazen

Too many SEO guides we've found are outdated and give generic advice ("Write good content!"). In this guide we'll show you exactly how to efficiently optimize your site in the age of RankBrain. You'll find tons of useful tips about keywords, content, audits, and backlinks that you can implement today and save valuable time in the long run.

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The Mazen Guide to Efficient SEO (SEO checklist included)

There are literally thousands of SEO guides out there, but how useful are they? Think about it:

  • Many guides are outdated
  • They usually only offer one person’s point of view
  • They’re usually designed to be exhaustive and pack every insight possible that might help you achieve your SEO goals
  • It usually takes way too much time to do everything they suggest

This SEO guide is designed to save you time by listing methods that are current, actionable, and reflect a wide variety of opinions.



What Is Great Content in the Age of RankBrain?

Every single SEO guide and article you’ll ever read will end with the same conclusion: you need to write great content. Ok, cool guys, but how can I tell if my content is great? And how do I create great content to begin with?

Well, I’ve got some answers for you, so let’s dig in!


How to Get Thousands of Backlinks: Tell a Bigger Story

This guide provides a clear, actionable, and measurable approach to link-building by: 

  • Explaining the minimum requirements for getting backlinks with the latest Google updates.
  • Warning you against bad practices that take too much time, produce poor results, and lead to penalties.
  • Giving lots of real-world examples to help you demonstrate what works and how you can adapt these techniques to your use-case.
  • Ranking these techniques so you can focus on those that bring the most value in the least time.



SEO Statistics: How to Quickly Convince my Boss/Colleagues/Clients that SEO is Required

As a web marketer, you are keenly aware that search engine optimization is an incredibly powerful acquisition channel. But sometimes, the people around you might not be as convinced that SEO is the best strategy. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • It takes time to see SEO campaigns results
  • It takes time to implement a SEO strategy
  • You are not always sure of the results of a SEO campaign
  • People do not always understand SEO, and there is a lot of misinformation online


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