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Developed by and for SEO specialists

We decided to develop Mazen to help SEO specialists get back to what they love about their job, and focus on what really matters.

Stop digging into your CMS

Don’t waste anymore time connecting to multiple CMS. Mazen integrates a secure connection to most CMS.

You can now optimize all your headings, tags and content directly from one interface.

Avg. time saved with Mazen: clock 2.5 hours/week

MAZEN SEO Tool Editing metas in your CMS from Mazen's interface

Stop juggling between SEO tools

As an SEO specialist, you have to use numerous tools to gather data such as trafic, missing tags or broken pages. Mazen brings you all this information into one simple inteface.

Avg. time saved with Mazen: clock 1.5 hours/week

Add SEO columns in Mazen App Add columns in Mazen App

No more spreadsheets

Mazen allows you to create as many customized dashboards as you want. Design your own workflow, with only the data you have chosen.

Our smart filters automatically display to you the elements that needs  optimization.

Avg. time saved with Mazen: clock 3 hours/week

keywords dashboard in Mazen App SEO metrics in Mazen App dashboard

The best keywords in one interface

Obtain thousands of keywords from all sources, such as Google Adwords, SEM Rush… with an extra punch of intelligence, thanks to our dedicated algorithm.

No need to export: you can select and organize your keywords directly from Mazen’s inteface.

Avg. time saved with Mazen: clock 2 hours/week

Keywords options in Mazen app SEO Tool Zoom on search volume in keyword planner interface - Mazen app

Monitor every move from your competitors

With Mazen, you can build your own monitoring dashboard in one minute.

Avg. time saved with Mazen: clock 1 hour/week

keywords dashboard zoom on opportunity score in Mazen app

“I decided to become Mazen’s Advisor, because I saw that these guys understood where is the pain for SEO specialists: time”

Andreas Ramos, Mazen's Advisor
Andreas Ramos
Author of 14 books on SEO (3 Amazon #1 Best Sellers), SEO & Adwords for 3 major clients, Advisor to 9 Silicon Valley startups

“With Mazen you can do in a few hours what you would usually do in a few days.”

Olivier Andrieu, best french SEO consultant, Mazen's Advisor
Olivier Andrieu
SEO specialist since 1999, Elected as best SEO of France, Author of the French best seller SEO book

About Mazen

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We have been working in SEO for years. We love crafting intelligent campaigns and creating meaningful content. At some point, we got tired of all the low value tasks: searching for data in multiple tools, creating cluttered spreadsheets and going back and forth between data and multiple CMS(s). We discussed the problem with web marketers all around the world and got the same feedback.

We decided to develop Mazen to help web marketers get back to what they love about their job, and help them focus on what really matters.

Mazen app team: (left to right) Clément, Emmanuelle, Anne, Kevyn, Mazen, Stéphane, Mehdi, Leslie, Thomas ; swimming in the Rhône river: Joseph, Vincent, Jean-Christophe

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